About Flow Line Valve and Controls

Flow Line Valve and Controls L.L.C. was incorporated in the summer of 1999. The vision for the company was to create an American made resilient seated butterfly valve that would perform exceptionally well in the demanding process applications of the next century. Utilizing the latest in engineering techniques, materials, machining process, finite analysis, and testing procedures we produced a valve that out performed the competition in initial side by side test. We then spent the next 2 years refining the manufacturing process, placing valves in various test applications to verify and confirm our success in the initial design. After completion of this testing and refining process Flow Line then introduced the Series 70 wafer / 71 lug resilient seated butterfly, with a size range of 1” to 24” to the USA market in August of 2001. The response from the market place was immediate. To quote a person that was in the butterfly valve industry for the prior 30 years who was at the introduction at the factory, “Flow Line Valve and Controls has raised the bar concerning resilient seated butterfly valves”.

Building from the success of the Series 70 / 71 resilient seated valve led to the introduction in 2004 of Series 72 wafer / 73 lug Teflon seated butterfly valve, also with a size range of 1” to 24”. Flow Line’s butterfly valves quickly gained a reputation of a valve product that solved problems. In 2005 a customer came to Flow Line to solve the problems associated with fly ash. Flow Line then designed the Series 74 wafer / 75 lug metal seated fly ash valve, 2” to 24”. The year of 2006 was another year of expansion with the addition of a full and complete line of pneumatic and electric automation products. Continuing this rapid growth in 2007 Flow Line introduced the Series 70-S and 70-W short neck valves 2” to 12”, Series 79 large diameter valves 30” to 48”and the Series 84 wafer / 85 lug 2” to 24” butterfly valve for the commercial HVAC market. This continuing full load on our research and design team did not let up. In the spring of 2007 the process was started to design a high performance butterfly valve and triple offset butterfly valve. The high performance valve is to be introduced to the public in the spring of 2011 as the Series 76 wafer and 77 lug style. Following in the summer of the same year the Series 78 Triple Offset valve will enter the marketplace.

Flow Line’s core business is butterfly valves and automation, but with additional customer demands for Flow Line products, this therefore led to the introduction in 2009 of a full range of process ball valves, gate valves, globe valves, check valves, and knife gate valves.

Flow Line’s growth came from the hard work and dedication from our employees working to produce the best valve and automation packages available today. This hard work gained us our customer’s faith, that in Flow Line they will receive a valve / automation product that is USA made, fully tested, and will perform as expected.

Our goal at Flow Line is not just getting the order, but rather in getting a satisfied customer. Our hard work and dedication to our customers continues to gain recognition from them that Flow Line’s commitment to their needs extends beyond the product. With quality products, quality personnel, and a firm commitment to our customers we look forward to serving you in the future.

Drew Boquet
Flow Line Valve and Controls, L.L.C.