What’s New? This Company!

Flow Line Valve and Controls is new. It is a new company with a new way of doing business. Our competitors have been stuck in the same rut with the same products, same company attitudes, same business models for the past 50 years. We at Flow Line will not accept their way of doing business. We have a different way of doing business, a different attitude towards our customers, and most of all a progressive / aggressive approach to solving application problems encountered. We are solution based on the customer’s needs, not some shareholders. We produce products that the customer needs to solve his applications in his plant with. Our open minded approach leads us to look at different ideas, different materials, and different ways of solving customer’s application problems.

We, unlike our competitors realize that the market has changed, the plant processes have changed in the last 50 years; but existing products offered have not, Until Now. Flow Line has designed its valve and actuation products from the ground up. We have developed a product line that takes in all of the latest in engineering, manufacturing, quality control, materials, and new industry specifications. Example: All of our butterfly valves 1” to 48” are ISO, all of our ball valves 1/4” to 12” are ISO.

We approach our customers with the same attitude that we exhibit with our product. The sales tools needed in today’s market have changed, time allotment with customers have changed. With that being said, Flow Line aggressively works with our distributors, and customers to give them all the help necessary with their valve and actuator procurement.

First and foremost Flow Line is here for you the customer. We will offer you highest quality products at an affordable price. We will have inventory at the Flow Line factory for speedy deliveries. We will have quality personnel and sales tools.

Flow Line Valve and Controls is different and we would like a chance to prove it.


Drew Boquet
Flow Line Valve and Controls, L.L.C.