Metal Seated Butterfly Valves for power generation, steel production, and mining applications | Series 74/75

series 74/75 metal seated butterfly valve

2" to 24"

  • Wafer Style
  • Lug Style
  • Body (Metal) Seated
  • Thin Profile Disc
  • ISO mounting and Shaft
  • Rated to 285 psi
  • Live Loaded Packing
  • Features
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  • Engineering
  • Torque & Cv
  • Valve & Actuator Packages
  • Upper Shaft of 17-4ph Stainless Steel are machined to ISO 5211
  • Lubricant injection fittings for upper shaft and bearings
  • UMPH bearings provide superior wear resistance
  • Heavy walled one piece bodies eliminates any transfer of product to atmosphere
  • Thin disc profile eliminates unwanted buildup of line media
  • Viton o-rings are used to trap lubricant on bearings
  • UMPH bearings provide superior wear resistance
  • Lower shaft is precisely machined for precise disc positioning
  • Slotted ISO 5211 top plate gives flexibility of direct mounting options.
  • Shaft is blow out proof by use of a stainless steel top plate
  • Live loaded packing is utilized to assure zero stem leakage
  • 3 Stainless steel nitrated bearings / packing retainers serve as a back up to the UMPHE bearings
  • Oversized 17-4 ph stainless steel shaft to compensate for high torques
  • A machined double “D” shaft and disc assures a positive connection
  • Disc to body clearance of .005 thousandths of an inch gives the valve a Class 5 shut off
  • PTFE seal eliminates any line media from exiting the valve through the lower shaft area
  • 316 SS Tail-piece provides a secure base for disc / shaft adjustment
  • Lubricant injection fitting for lower shaft and bearings
  • Travel stop nut of 316 SS securely locks the shaft / disc assembly in place.

For complete Features, please refer to the Flow Line Valve and Controls Brochures.

The Series 74/75 can be fully automated throughout its size range, by either pneumatic or electric actuators. Flow Line’s extensive automation capabilities are due to the fact that we developed our actuator and accessories from the ground up. Our automation products were designed with the torque needed to be able to automate all Flow Line valves. Because all Flow Line valves are kept up to the latest ISO 5211 standards, there is no need for brackets and couplers when using Flow Line actuators on Flow Line valves. We give you a single source for quality automation packages.